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Case Study: John Bowen


John Bowen

Keller Williams

Greenville, SC

Median Home Value: $191,000


  • 5 closed listings in his second year using SmartTargeting
  • 2 closed listings in the first four months of his 3rd year
  • 11.1% Response Rate to SmartTargeting’s automated marketing campaigns


John Bowen has worked in real estate for the last 15 years in Greenville, SC. Though he worked the same territory prior to utilizing the tools with SmartTargeting, his previous efforts weren’t reaping the return he wished for. Prior to SmartTargeting, John would pick a neighborhood farm for a few weeks, then give up and move on. He knew he lacked the structure, consistency, and Smart Data that SmartTargeting provides.

In 2015, John began to work with SmartTargeting, a farming solution that offers agents access to seller predictions in their area or within their database.

“I was already toying with the idea of farming; I was looking for structure to help me farm better and to grow my business. That is why SmartTargeting was the perfect fit.”


Proactive prospecting is a common practice of the successful agents using SmartTargeting. After SmartTargeting predicts the homeowners who are most likely to sell using proprietary algorithms, agents must begin to build brand awareness, trust, and relationships with their top seller prospects.

John understands that SmartTargeting is predicting homeowner 6 to 12 months from the time they will be ready to list with him. By focuses on building the relationships with these homeowners, he is able to make a connection with the right people at the right time.

“Just because someone responds doesn’t mean they are ready to make a move that day. People need time and they need to trust the Realtor they are going to work with.”

Quick follow up is important, so John immediately sends an email thanking homeowners for visiting his landing page. He makes sure to let them know that if they have done any recent upgrades, he is available to view the home and make value adjustments so it better reflects their true market value. He brings value to every outreach activity, not giving up until he has made contact with the homeowner. His determination and value propositions is what makes him approachable as an agent and known as the neighborhood expert.

“We reach out to everyone in my farm at least once a quarter. We are constantly walking the neighborhoods dropping off flyers about the current real estate market. This has allowed me to introduce myself to the right people. Our goal is to think of ways to enhance our proactive efforts, so that the homeowners that SmartTargeting predicts list with us.”


Since John has the predictive knowledge ahead of time, he was able to be the first agent to build a relationship with these homeowners. In a time where homeowners are interviewing multiple agents, the predictive knowledge helps John to win more listing appointments. He isn’t pushy, and focuses on the building the relationship with the homeowner above everything. From his proactive outreach, he already has items of value on hand for his homeowners. He is ready with material and information for his homeowners no matter what point in the selling process they are in. Proving himself to be the neighborhood expert has helped him to close those listing appointments. This year, John also plans to utilize SmartTargeting for his Sphere, in order to get the most out of the people he already has relationships with.

“This is farming. It is a long-term process, and you need to understand that before attempting to tackle an area. It is important to not give up just because results aren’t instant. SmartTargeting gives me the extra help to farm in a smart and methodical way. The point is to get homeowners’ attention and to build their trust before they make the decision to list or sell. Because of my hard work and branding awareness I did in year one, I set myself up to win five listings in my second year with SmartTargeting.”

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