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Case Study: Erik Hatch


Erik Hatch
Hatch Realty
Fargo, ND
Median Home Value: 500K


  • 7 listings through SmartTargeting
  • Gained more exposure and traction for his current sphere, while making great strides in the creation of brand awareness for potential clients


Erik, CEO of Hatch Realty, has been successful in North Dakota real estate for some time, developing a large pipeline along the way. The team's business credited 50% to a combination of lead sources, including direct referrals, sphere of influence and past clients. Another 10% came from radio ads. An additional 10% came as a result of an established partnership with a builder, 5% were prompted by their open houses, and the remaining 25% resulted from miscellaneous efforts and activities.


Prior to SmartZip, the Hatch team would chase down buyers. With a recent market change, Erik knew they needed to change with it—so he turned his sights on listings. "We control our destiny if we control the listings" says Erik. SmartZip's focused analytics on sellers and diverse marketing platform fit the bill. With the intricate parts pieced together, all Erik and the team needed to do was do what they do best—get in front of the targets. Their reach spanned from using handwritten notes, cold calling using the SmartZip phone appends, and even a Sunday morning radio ad. A massive door knocking campaign that spanned multiple territories helped his agents to build a listing pipeline from top seller targets. According to Erik, they wouldn't have been able to carry out such a successful door knocking campaign without the names, numbers, and addresses of the SmartTargeting list.

“We control our destiny if we control the listings."

Since they knew farming is a long term play, the Hatch team didn't expect immediate results. Erik states most real estate agents, like him previously, have "shiny object syndrome". "They want instant gratification when they need a well-oiled machine instead. They need to be intentional about building and nurturing contacts," says Erik. With seven listings and more on the way, Hatch's team has proven that listings are out there if you know where to look.

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