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Case Study: David Huffaker


  • 17 closed listings
  • Averages 1 listing appointment weekly
  • Found a purposeful way to obtain listings and build a pipeline for the future


David Huffaker has spent the last ten years becoming a well-known and successful agent in his hometown market of Nashville, Tennessee. David runs The Huffaker Group, a real estate team comprised of three buyer's agents and an administrative assistant. Prior to SmartTargeting, the team's prospecting consisted of internet leads, referrals, open houses and door knocking.


While business has been strong over the years, David wanted to stop "taking listings by chance" and find a strategic system that led to quality seller clients. After careful consideration of different lead gen systems and seller tools, The Huffaker Group chose SmartTargeting.

The Huffaker Group had contacted their farm monthly in the past, and decided to switch gears by door-knocking prior to sending a "digitally handwritten letter" from SmartTargeting. This dual approach led to an astounding 60 responses in the days following the mailer! To follow up to each letter response, the team called back within five minutes of receiving the digital response, leaving a voicemail after three unanswered calls. While David knows the importance of an aggressive follow up, he also knows when to switch gears. After reaching out for one week, respondents were added to a regular drip campaign.

What made the difference for a veteran like David? The synergistic relationship he has formed with his Account Manager, who holds him accountable and follows up when SmartTargeting adds new products features.

“The product is good quality—I'm proud to have my name on it."

In addition, he is excited about the marketing materials his prospects receive through the program. His advice for anyone using SmartTargeting is simple—run with it, and pay close attention to your responses. David has found that the only way to see results is to market your brand to top targets on a consistent basis.

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