Friday Finds: Rising interest rates, converting FSBOs, in-home yoga studios

August 14, 2015 by SmartZip in Articles 

How important is punctuality?

When was the last time you texted a client or friend that you were running five minutes late? Today? Yesterday? Three times in the last week? Punctual people are a dying breed as America continues to quicken its pace, but as a service provider, it's imperative that agents stay on schedule.

Here's some great advice on how you can take back your calendar and be punctual for work, dinner dates or showings. And if you're still thinking that being late isn't that big of a deal, check out this funny Time article about the 14 worst kinds of late people.

What rising interest rates mean

82% of economists believe that the Fed will begin increasing interest rates next month. Here's a roundup of what rising rates could mean for investors, millennial homebuyers, and homeowners who've waited a long time to refinance. What do you think -- will the end of the summer selling season coincide with a hike in rates, or will the increase occur in 2016?

Om at home

Forget mancaves and she-sheds, the newest home trend might be... a personal yoga and meditation room? The Wall Street Journal profiles this phenomenon by showcasing two luxury homes with private yoga areas.

Wondering how to blend your yoga practice and your real estate practice? Check out how agent/broker Pam Blair and her partner managed to do just that. We loved hearing Pam talk about this at Inman Connect SF, and we'd love to hear of other real estate professionals who've successfully combined passions.

Converting FSBOs

We've had a lot of questions about how to talk to homeowners listing their home as For Sale by Owner. We're hard at work putting together our own advice, but have also gathered up advice from other pros in the meantime. Here's some great advice from Elite Realty, and some scripts from Keller Williams Productivity Coaching. Meanwhile, Proquest Technologies shares the one question you should ask FSBOs to get them to reconsider.

Use data-backed predictions to find sellers near you

Feeling ready to stand out in today’s hot summer market? The first step is always the hardest. At SmartZip, we offer custom-tailored territories that offer you high commission potential and a dedicated Client Success Manager who keeps you on track.

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