Commission Possible: Where agents are selling fewer homes and making a great living

March 9, 2015 by SmartZip in Articles 

Deep in the recesses of the SmartZip headquarters, we held an intelligence meeting last week. The topic at hand? How low inventory could affect commissions and incomes of agents across the country.

Our commander issued a directive:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the markets where agents are able to make median income from the lowest number of closed listings.

From there, our data hackers got to work, infiltrating county record data and assessing local economies. Their criteria:

  • Cities where total properties > 10,000
  • Turnover between February 2014 and January 2015
  • The median income met by fewest sales on a 3% post-split commission

Below are the top market areas where agents working with fewer clients can earn median income (and more!) annually.

Market name State Median commission Median income Number of sold homes
for median income
Port Chester NY $22,700.00 $60,000.00 3
San Francisco CA $28,600.00 $88,600.00 3
Santa Barbara CA $23,700.00 $75,100.00 3
Whitney NV $16,200.00 $53,000.00 3
El Monte CA $12,700.00 $42,800.00 3
Redwood City CA $26,700.00 $90,600.00 3
New York NY $16,300.00 $57,100.00 3
Glendale CA $17,100.00 $61,600.00 4
Hawthorne CA $13,600.00 $48,900.00 4
Tinton Falls NJ $26,600.00 $97,600.00 4
Mountain View CA $29,400.00 $108,700.00 4
Los Angeles CA $14,600.00 $54,400.00 4
Alhambra CA $15,000.00 $56,600.00 4
Costa Mesa CA $19,300.00 $73,800.00 4
Kailua (Honolulu County) HI $26,600.00 $102,700.00 4
Westminster CA $15,000.00 $58,700.00 4
Rowland Heights CA $16,500.00 $64,700.00 4
Rotonda FL $13,700.00 $55,200.00 4
Campbell CA $24,100.00 $97,300.00 4
East Los Angeles CA $9,700.00 $39,200.00 4

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