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Pinpoint the homes most likely to sell in your area based on SmartZip's industry-leading predictive models.


Focus your efforts on your best seller prospects through targeted multi-channel marketing programs.


Build quality relationships and get to know your prospective sellers so when the time is right, you become their go-to agent.

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Real estate’s top predictive marketing platform

SmartZip is the national leader in real estate analytics and predictive marketing. Our flagship product, SmartTargeting, uses proprietary algorithms and models to rank and predict the homeowners most likely to sell in your area. SmartTargeting's sophisticated marketing programs, intuitive management console and breakthrough success tools empower you to land more listings.

Trusted by the best in the industry

Since we launched SmartTargeting, we have closed 72 transactions by simply focusing on the top 20% of our list.

The ability to predict the ‘movement’ in my marketplace is invaluable. We sold six houses in our first eight months.

We’ve had great success with SmartZip. We’ve been averaging one listing or one committed listing per month since we started the program.

We control our destiny if we control the listings. SmartTargeting sits back and lets us do what we do best—get in front of targets who are likely to sell.

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